RAScrnShot 20090829 081944

Helan's farm Channel 2

Frog kiss affect in chargeing up

Frog kiss affect and "Frog"Useing it


A "frog"Useing its shockwave

Red frog

Red frog pet

Wetland poison frog kings are large frogs.They are level 10-11 elites. They are supposidly random events. The most recent appearence was on 8/28/09,8/29/09,8/30/09 and maybe even a day or two after that.

They were seen in Helan's Farm,channel 2They can cause shockwaves.

It can use "Frog Kiss" which turns the affected player(s) into a frog. Frog kiss also make Player(s) run in fear

It can use spells and such even when it has no mana.

They Regain health. They fully heal when at half health. It is thought that when out of mana they can't heal.

They can drop fireworks, Frog(green) eggs and Red frog eggs.Pet frog drops could take anywhere between 5 minute-5 hours. ( Most likely the latter)
Green frog pet

Green frog

All Data collected from personal experience.--

Mpa12120 12:43, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

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