Location: Valley of Preparation (Elven Island)

Level: 4

Requires level: 2

Start: Torchas

End: Aiman

Summery Edit

Go to the library where you can find Master Womukray to get the Records of the Holy Kings and give it to Aiman to read.

Description Edit

Aiman wants to contribute something to the Elven race. He once dreamed of becoming a druid but wasn't able to get this post due to lacking innate power of nature.

...Great Holy King... I can't forget his dejected look at that moment... When Master Radulov passed on Master words he was proud to the point of not understanding how to speak tactfully...

The battle skills school I belong to is lead by Master Machi Yoda. Learning battle skills is certainly enough to qualify for the honorable job to guard and protect the Elves.

You seem like a new Elven student with great potential. You've successfully given Aiman some encouragement. Are you able to go past the statue that isn't far ahead to the library where you can find Womukray and obtain the book that records the accomplishments of the Holy Kings and give it to Aiman to read?

Our mighty Holy King is able to use his battle skills to the fullest. I want to make Aiman understand this.

Reward Edit

EXP:39 TP:3 Gold:94

One of the following:

Fighting Focus Shoulder Guards

Fighting Boost Shoulder Guards

Brave Fighting Shoulder Piece

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