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"Wild beasts in battle"

Warriors feel comfortable in the thick of things - be it tavern or battle. Most of the time one leads to the other anyway. They meet every challenge with courage and a loyal blade. No warrior would ever back away from an honorable fight. They are skilled in the use of the deadliest weapons and always strive to become better and stronger. They are proficient in all close combat techniques so that they can emerge gloriously from the toughest of struggles. Every victory though has to be earned in an honorable way. Attacks from behind an opponent’s back and other unfair means are taboo. The prospect of an upcoming fight does not arouse fear in the heads of the sturdy warriors, but instills a sense of honor and the will to victory. Warriors do not care about their enemies, because they aim to surpass themselves in each battle.

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Warrior Equip

A level one warrior has these stats:

Strength: 28 - Dexterity: 23 - Constitution: 26 - Intelligence: 10 - Wisdom: 17

Warrior mini icon SpecificsEdit

Warriors are truly masters in the use of arms, and can handle every close combat weapon while also being able to wear all kinds of armor, even magnificent chain mail.

Driven by their battle rage they try to upset the enemy with special combinations of strikes and blows and to increase the momentum of their attacks.

They can also channel their rage into passive abilities to strengthen themselves or to provoke opponents and to scare them with an impressive display of their fury – so terrifying that weaker minds take flight in panic.

Ultimately the class combinations broaden their skills into various arrays. To inflict massive physical damage in close combat will always remain their primal strength though.

Skilled warriors keep the overall situation in mind at all times and know when they can break loose in battle, draw the wrath of their enemies upon themselves or take a back seat.

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Fighter > Warrior > Berserker > Destroyer