Unit IDEdit

These are the various unit identifiers that are used by functions requiring a UnitId argument.

UnitId Description Format Example
"player" current player
"pet" current pet of player
"target" current target
"mouseover" current item under mouse cursor
"focus<N>" current focus <N> = 1 to 12 "focus12"
"party<N>" current party member <N> = 1 to 5 "party3"
"raid<N>" current raid member <N> = 1 to 36 "raid22"

Combined Unit IDEdit

It is valid to combine unit identifiers to reference an other type of unit. Add target after any of the above to find their target. E.g. "playertargettargettarget" returns the Target of the Target of the Target that the Player is targeting. (please add more if you know them):

Combined UnitId Description Format Example
"<primaryID>target" current <primaryID> target <primaryID> = UnitId "party3target"
"<primaryID>pet" current <primaryID> pet <primaryID> = UnitId "focus8pet"

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