Location: Valley of Preparation (Elven Island)

Level: 4

Requires level: 2

Start: Torchas

End: Torchas

Summery Edit

Try killing 5 Shallow Lakoso in the coastal region south of the Valley of Preparation then return to see Master Torchas.

Description Edit

Give thanks to the Holy King!

The progress of a new student surely brings glory to our race.

You've already learned how to attack, next you have to learn how to maintain a steady spirit when attacking and not get distracted. Only when your body and mind are united will you be safe from harm.

Do not bring shame to the name of the Holy King. Leave the Valley of Preparation and head to the southern coastal region. Try to maintain your concentration while defeating 5 Shallow Lakoso. For your future journeys, you must become more skillful in battle.

Reward Edit

EXP:79 TP:7 Gold:188

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