Throughout the game the player can acquire several titles.

Title How to obtain
Novice Adventurer The first title that everyone receives when entering the starting zone quest area.
Bear Bully Kill the Bear King north of Logar above level 19.
Bear Hunter Kill the Bear King north of Logar from levels 11-19.
Killed the Bear King at Level Ten Kill the Bear King north of Logar at level 10. (You can get all 3 titles from him. info source)
Full-stomach Warrior Finish the quest Things That Go Bump In The Night.
I believe I can Fly Save all the Bierdines Uncle during the Christmas Event. You can no longer get this title.
Ecology Research Team Member Talk to ?? in Obsidian Order Garrison. Once in Dust Devil's Canyon, a quest leads directly to the Ecological Research Camp. If you have a female character, you get the title from the camp director.(info source)
Cactus Killer Kill the Cactus Fruit Boss and the Hyru Flower Cactus Boss in Dust Devil Canyon for a quest.
Hero of Taborea Finish the whole Epic Quest Chain, starting at Narfas in Logar.
The Rose Represents My Heart Plant 30 Magical Roses during the Valentines Event.
Survived The Survival Game Finish the clown survival game in Varanas Central Plaza, by digging up all tiles and opening all chests.
Nemesis of the Undead You can receive this title by completing a run through Forsaken Abby without dying and within 25-30 minutes. To get the title your class must be lvl 25 and under or otherwise you won't get it. *Note this title may be bugged at the moment*
From the Zurhidon hunted A title in which the conditions are not 100% clear. Probably is that you favor the Zurhidons in at Level 40 Obsidian eavesdrop needs. (info source)
Savior of white fur Kill the second boss of the Borsburs instance at or below Level 45. (info source)
Malatiná's survival game - Title 2

Malatiná's survival game - Title 3

Several complete closure of the survival game. (Names are also not known yet)(info source)

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