The predecessor of the Order of the Dark Glory was a steel association which had followed the Eye of Wisdom to Candara and cooperated closely with them. Back then the continent of Candara was completely inhabited by wild monsters and ruled by barbarian clans. They began to hire mercenaries after the foundation of Varanas to establish and ensure profit and security for the association. The initial rather chaotic appearance of this group changed when Lajos Halka joined the association together with his mercenaries. As the son of the chairman in the association, Lajos had proved his abilities with skills and the use of deadly weapons through early adventures as a mercenary. When the old chairman died, young Halka inherited his position. He then rebuilt the armed protection troop of their society to become the main army of Varanas (the later known Guard of Varanas), which strengthened his influence within the city. After some involvement with the power struggles for Varanas, the wish to leave this place matured. He took the association’s main share of finances and the elite of his followers and pushed forward into the inner part of Candara to explore. After countless adventures and about 40 years they succeeded in creating a base in the Dustdevil Canyon which they called the Obsidian Fortress. The Order of the dark Glory has now become the world’s most powerful military group without their own state. Their members’ only means of surviving is mining and being mercenaries, as well as managing the world’s largest mercenary education center. Raised to be true fighters, the aspirants are well known for their loyalty and discipline, a reason why many countries send their leaders here for their training. In addition, the Order of the dark Glory finds itself in constant disputes with the neighbors due to many different reasons, which cause a lot of pressure to their law enforcement forces. Lajos Halka is known to often groan: “It’s hard to believe: Once you pick up a sword, you cannot dodge any fight until the end of all time.”