Level 1 Quests Edit

Chime Fruit Selling

Even Stranger Pumpkin

Fresh Grapefruit Collection

Kobold Leader's Plans

Pumpkin Ghost of the Night

Suspicious Mail

The Job of Creating Happiness

The Road After

Warning after Switching Classes

Level 5 Quests Edit

Proceed to the Scar of Despair Camp

Level 10 Quests Edit

A Mount Fitting the Strong

Assisting Insect Research

Carphil's Report

Driving Off the Kobolds

Eulogy of Spring

Invitation Courier

Meet the Druid Instructor

Meet the Knight Instructor

Meet the Mage Instructor

Meet the Priest Instructor

Meet the Rogue Instructor

Meet the Scout Instructor

Meet the Warrior Instructor

Parts for the Polymesia

Porgy's Cure

Porgy's Fate

Porgy's Safety

Porgy's Savior

The Arcane Transmutor

To Peerston

Level 11 Quests Edit

Parts for the Lyma Shapo

Level 12 Quests Edit

Birthday Cake

Bullish Boars and Wicked Wolves

Check in with the Adventurers' Guild

Get Back on Schedule

Greng's Weapon Shop

Guess Who's Hopping to Dinner

Here Comes the Rain!

Laurana's Discovery

Mistakenly Delivered Sample

Novia the Transporter

Parts for the Mishia Poly

Report on the Kobold Situation

Report to the Guild Leader

Retrieved Legends of Taborea

Retrieving Legends - Chapter One

Retrieving Legends - Chapter Three

Retrieving Legends - Chapter Two

Returning Legends of Taborea

Rusty Weapons

Supporting the Guard

The Important Chest

The Varanas Auction House

Wild Hogs

Yaska's Report

Level 13 Quests Edit

Parts for the Shira Polymi

The Final Battle - Part I

The Final Battle - Part II

Level 14 Quests Edit

Acidic Soil

Parts for the Apolli Mishi

Suspicious Farmers

The Earth Rune Pillars

The Lost Guard's Message

Two Elderly Ladies, Two True Friends

Level 15 Quests Edit

Attacked Caravan

Collecting Ingredients

Critical Message

Derric's Gone Missing

Eliminate the Danger

Find the Lost Guard

Gathering Kobold Poison

Lost Goods

Making a Strip of Plank Wood

PvP Requirements

Reduce the number of Kobold Shamans

Rescue the Captured Guard

Scheming Yuri

Seek Pan's Help

Stolen Goods

The Peony Express

Use the Antidote

Yuri's Account Book

Level 16 Quests Edit

Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice

Farm Plague

Five-Leaf Markings

Good News for the Farm

Hard Profit is Good Profit

Important Information

Killing the Kobold Leader

Looking for Stolen Objects

Poison Recipe


Sample Analysis

Stolen Chicken

The Council President's Request

Level 17 Quests Edit

A Monster's Favorite

Rush the Pumpkin Harvest

Level 18 Quests Edit

Ambassador Who acts improperly


Apprentice's Request

Business Opportunity

Clean Up the Environment

Crafty Bernok

Diplomat's Request

Escaped Criminal

Hard Shell

Profit and Loss

Secret Mission

The Forsaken Abbey

The Secret of the Ring

Level 19 Quests Edit

Alchemy Notes

Dissipating All Fortune

Relic of the Ancient Kingdoms

Secret Mission

Swindler's Request

Level 24 Quests Edit

Spirit Gathering Circles

Level 25 Quests Edit

Ancarlos Research Note

Releasing Ancalon

Sorrowful Request

The Secret of Evil Spirit

The Sole Survivor

Wishes of the Soul

Level 30 Quests Edit

Great Instruction

Level 52 Quests Edit

Assistance in the Research of the Power of Fear

Enter Dreamland

Exploring the Nature of Nightmares

Revival of an Ancient Mystery

Revival of an Ancient Power

The Enemy's Weapon

Varanas in Danger

Level 53 Quests Edit

Ruin Guardian Energy Source

Sharp Blade Annihilator Parts

Steel Guardian Parts

Level 55 Quests Edit

A Problem at the Hall

Ancient History

Code Red

Confidential Research Data



Guardian Prototype

Guardian's Secret

Into the Hall of Survivors

Mercenaries From Home

Past Tragedy

So-Called Trust

Sword Punisher

Work Log

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