Silverspring's Hope is an armor set gathered in Silverspring. It includes the following items:

  1. Silverspring Investigation Scale Gauntlets
  2. Silverspring Devender Leather Boots
  3. Silverspring Enforcers Leg Guards
  4. Silverspring Guardian Chainmail

  • 2 Piece: +10 Strength
  • 3 Piece: +10 Strength, +30 Defense
  • 4 Piece: +10 Strength, +30 Defense, +10% Aggro Increase

Silverspring Investigation Scale Gauntlets Edit

Quest: Yuri's Account Book

Silverspring Defender Leather Boots Edit

Quest: Good News For The Farm


Silverspring Enforcers Leg Guards Edit

Received from:

Quest: Poison Recipe



Durability 80

Requires Level 16


Lower Body

Physical Defense ##

Magical Defense ##

Worth ### Gold

+4 Stamina (Stamina II)

+4 Strength (Strength II)

Silverspring Guardian Chainmail Edit

Received from: Teresa (in Lower Varanas City West)

Quest: Killing The Kobold Leader

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