Silverspring is the second map that an adventurer encounters. It contains the town of Varanas which is the major town that an adventurer should encounter. Recomnded lvl 10-15

Bosses Include: Yuri- Bandit leader- reccomendation- PARTY

Bernok- wolf Leader- reccomendation- PARTY

Kipos- Konold Leader- reccomendation- PARTY

Amais- escaped Criminal- reccomendation- PARTY

This map includes:

3 Farms

1 Haunted Abbey

1 Major Town

1 Mine

and a bridge to connect to another map

Silverspring set consists of 4 pieces

Chest- Quest reward for Killing the Kobold Leader from Teresa.

Legs- After doing some quest from Peers farm, you will be able to gain this item.

Boots- You will get the boots after finishing a quest-chain at Dorians farm. (the first quest is located at the caravan west of the farm)

Gloves- You will get the gloves after returning a dropped item from the bandit leader "Yuri". Yuri can be found by following the road along Peers farm to the east.

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