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Silverfall is the main city in Aslan Valley



1. Benny Lawson - Ancient Language Authority
2. Helenar
3. Locken - Armor Merchant
4. Helin Yiris - Clothing Merchant
5. Vathos Apprentice
6. Eno - Shaman
7. Alchemy Supplies Merchant
8. Elsa
9. Karmy
10. Hunter
11. Menqid Beman - Elite Skills Master
12. Tarkun - Mayor of Silverfall
13. Karmilia
14. Saliwar
15. Carl - Traveling Weapon Maker
16. Jeff (Not placed on the map)
17. Miles - General Merchant
18. Cooking Supplies Merchant
19. Dishark
20. Mahler Palo - A Goblin in Human's Clothing
21. Mrs. Henkes
22. Auction House Clerk

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