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"The agile weasels"

Rogues feel at ease in the cities with their narrow alleys. Only in the cities they find the life and drive they seek. It is there where badly watched over purses can be found and a dagger is the weapon of choice. Rogues are one of the fastest character classes. They are almost always able to sneak up on their unprepared victims twinkle-toed. Due to their marginal physical strength they can only inflict minor damage so they combine their swift attacks with insidious poisons and become a great danger to all their adversaries. Their great arsenal of impressive tricks is looked down upon by lesser skilled fighters who think them unfair. It is not unusual for them to leave a battle place with full pockets either– they are rogues after all.

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At level one, a Rogue has these stats:

Strength: 23 - Dexterity: 28 - Constitution: 22 - Intelligence: 14 - Wisdom: 19

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Rogues are specialists in inflicting particular physical damage. In close range they use dagger techniques and ranged weapons for long range attacks.

In contrast to warriors and rangers, rogues whole-heartedly rely on their malicious methods, like secret sneak attacks, poison and various techniques inflicting bleeding wounds.

Although they lack exceptional strength and defence, thanks to their swiftness and agility a rogue manages to avoid most trouble.

The only thing on a rogue’s mind while attacking is to swiftly strike with amazing precision.

Alongside his attacking skills a rogue can also lay traps, scout the area and increase a group’s income, all of which make rogues valuable party members.

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Thief => Rogue => Swift Blade => Nightshadow