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Go to the Necropolis Of Mirrors and find the needle. One of the monsters inside must have it! Then bring the Compass Needle back to Eno


Compass Needle 0/1

Quest ContentEdit

I know what you are searching for... The Legendary Sword - Blood Diamond! Right?

(Haige stares at you.)

You are looking fo rthe same thing as that Zurhidon guy, but since you beat without looking twice, i know you are not in the same group. Looking at your eyes, i do have to ask, do you want to join the Order of the Dark Glory?

Ha! Don't need to answer me right away; we will meet again if fate says so.

The Compass Needle; we were only able to find that possibly one of the monstes in the Necropolis Of Mirrors took it. But to search for the Needle in there is like searching for a needle in a haystack! Lajos Halka failed in his search, but you may just find it.

Reward DialogeEdit

Let me fix the Compass

Handed in toEdit



Experience: 15844


Money: 6600

Please select one of the following rewards:

Necropolis Ghost's Embrace
Teir 2
Requires Level 30
Upper Body
Physical Defence 240.0
Magical Defence 343.0
Worth 932 gold

+19.0 Magical Attack (Energy VI)
+45.0 Maximum HP (Life V)

Necropolos Ghost Leather Jacket Teir 2
Requires Level 30
Upper Body
Physical Defence 274.0
Magical Defence 308.0
Worth 1242 gold

+19.0 Physical Attack (Power VI)
+45.0 Maximum HP (Life V)

Necropolis Dark Chain
Teir 2
Requires Level 30
Upper Body
Physical Defenece 308.0
Magical Defence 274.0
Worth 1397

+19.0 Physical Attack (Power VI)v +45.0 Maximum HP (Life V)

Necropolis Vice Plate
Teir 2
Requires Level 30
Upper Body
Physical Defence 343.0
Magical Defence 240.0
Worth 1553 gold

+19.0 Defence (Defence VI)
+45.0 Maximum HP (life V)


Before you start, note that a party of a few people or help from a higher level is recommended for this. Head over to Necropolis of Mirrors and enter the instance. The compass needle should drop from the first few mosters in here, but it is recommended to leave and re-enter the instance if it doesn't drop from the first 2-3 monsters as it becomes very hard to reliably lure single foes after that. Once the needle is dropped, take it back to Eno to complete the quest.

Quest Chain
Previous Quest
Heiger's Test
Current Quest
Recover the Needle
Next Quest
Using the Compass

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