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1 Report In Laif Cindai asks you to introduce yourself to Leighton. XP 50 Money 30 TP 5
2 Claiming Weapons Pick up newbie weapons from Mallor. XP 44 Money 50 TP ? REW: Weapon Gift Bag
3 Claiming Armor Pick up newbie armor from Shamp. XP 44 Money 50 TP 4 REW: Armor Gift Bag
4 Claim Your Potions Pick up newbie potions from Reideen. XP 44 Money 50 TP 4 REW: Potion GIft Bag
5 Complete Preparations Speak with Leighton. XP 45 Money 80 TP 4
6 Testing Your Skills Collect 5 Mushroom Caps from Fungus for Leighton. XP 150 Money 2 TP 45
7 Lively Reward

Speak with Port. XP 113 Money 120 TP 11 REW: Generous Gift Bag


8 Embedding Runes Practice embedding a rune into armor that Port gives you. XP 60 Money 120 TP 6 *NOTE The quest log says to right-click on the garment to embed. This is INCORRECT. You must right-click to select the rune and then LEFT-CLICK to embed the rune to the garment.
9 A Friend's Concern Speak with Shikha. XP 60 Money 120 TP 6.
10 Making Winter Clothes Collect 5 Wolf Cub Pelts from Young Wolves for Shikha. XP 150 Money 120 TP ?
11 Progress Update Speak with Leighton. Money 150
12 Learn Herbalism Learn Herbalism from Alice. XP 60 Money150 TP 6
13 Learn Woodcutting Learn Woodcutting from Wood. XP 60 Money 150 TP 6
14 Learn Mining Learn Mining from Hansen. XP 60 Money 150 TP 6
15 Help with the Collecting Speak with Leighton. XP 60 Money 150 TP ?
16 Regular Report on Pioneers Colony Bring report to Mayor George in Logar. XP 75 Money 94 TP ?

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