Zone: Howling Mountains

Location: (Pioneers Colony)

Pioneer's Colony is the Human character's starting area and here you will encounter the first of many bulletin boards located in cities and towns throughout the lands of Taborea. Besides quests given to the player by NPCs in the area, you may also perform Daily Quests which are found on the bulletin boards. You may complete up to 10 Daily Quests per day. This is an excellent source for gaining more experience points, XP, and talent points, TP.

As you adventure in the lands you will find items dropped by the creatures you kill which are marked as Daily Quest Items. So you can either find a quest on the local bulletin board and go hunting or as you have collected Daily Quest items in your travels you can check the bulletin board for the associated quest, then complete and collect the rewards.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Initiates Quests:

Involved in Quests:

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