Location: Valley of Preparation (Elven Island)

Level: 4

Requires level: 2

Start: Torchas

End: Torchas

Summary Edit

Obtain a Fistful of Plains Wolf Fur and encourage Aiman, who is standing behind a tree near the Spore Grove, to overcome his fear of facing battle.

Description Edit

For your next homework assignment, you will challenge an equally aggressive small animal.

Head south-west to the fields near the Spore Grove and get a fistful of wolf fur from the Plains Wolf.

Aiman, who arrived earlier than you, is late with his homework. He already has the basic skills but he always retreats when faced with his target.

In the name of the Holy King, when you find him give him a demonstration to encourage him to overcome his fears.

Reward Edit

EXP:79 TP:7 Gold:188

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