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"Masters of elements"

Normally magicians only grudgingly leave their teaching parlors, but on their quest to perfect understanding of the elements they are drawn again and again to ancient places in the hope to recover long-forgotten knowledge. Magicians are wise and prudent - knowledge is the only force they have faith in. For aeons they have tried to solve the mysteries of the elements, to completely understand and master their invocation. The immense concentration needed to unleash a spell, forces magicians to do without the protection offered by strong armor. For casting, distance is needed. Better still are some loyal companions in whose support a magician can trust. The hardships endured by protecting these sometimes outlandish savants is justified by the immense power they can yield.

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Mage Equip

At level one, a Mage has these stats:

Strength: 10 - Dexterity: 12 - Constitution: 12 - Intelligence: 28 - Wisdom: 24

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Magicians attack with fire and wind attacks(More commonly known as Lightning). Which inflict heavy magical damage.

Some of their spells can enclose wide-ranging areas with fiery walls and keep whole hordes of monsters in check. Seasoned magicians are said to be able to harness the power of the phoenix.

With the help of their arcane knowledge they can protect themselves and their companions from harm or increase the strength of the entire party.

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Theurgist => Mage => Arcanist => Elementalist