Pages from the Legends of Taborea are dropped by Kobolds in the Southwest area of Silverspring (near the windmill). These pages are used for the completion of the quests Retrieving Legends - Chapter One,Retrieving Legends - Chapter Two and Retrieving Legends - Chapter Three which is obtained from Winsil at Peerston Farm in Silverspring

Legends of Taborea, Page 1Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page01
A long time ago, Ayvenas, god of gods created a book. In this book was recorded the beginning of the world and the origin of all life. This book was called Taborea.

In Taborea, Ayvenas wrote about endless grasslands and trees that soared to the sky. He w

Legends of Taborea, Page 4Edit

LegendsOfTaboreaPage0 4

Legends of Taborea, Page 5Edit

Legends of Taborea pg 5
All of the tribes of the world worked towards their own goals. They

calmly developed in peace. Ayvenas was pleased. He wondered

what would happen if the world was not peaceful, so he wrote this down, too.

But without noticing it, this thought entered into the book and

the world began to change.

Legends of Taborea, Page 6Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page06
Because of Aveynas's [sic] carelessness, the people of the world changed. Ayvenes' incarnations taught the people knowledge and skills. But discrepancies started to arise between the groups. When they were taught how to receive rewards from their skills some pe

Legends of Taborea, Page 21Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page21
We call your name

The men that He loves
Look at the book which He created
Its name is Taborea
You are the land we are born and die
All life dances within you
Abide by the god's voice
But we desire to hide in time

Legends of Taborea, Page 22Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page22

As life interweaves, old words are cast away
The poems the spirits created gives way to new verse
Words that He has not heard
A frenzied beat
The world is already beyond His control
He could not foresee
Still full of hope

Legends of Taborea, Page 23Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page23
"For a long time there were sprouts of new life

We lead
We were the same as the other tribes
The oracles power of change
Declared that under the heavons [sic]
That the destination we were going to
His heavenly words
That is hope
And also destruction"

Legends of Taborea, Page 24Edit

LegendsOfTaborea Page24
The key to the door of time

The knowledge to change the destiny
Take it!
Embrace it!
This fate which can never be disobeyed
This moment of infinite power
Human world becomes burning hell
Or a return to paradise
just in a moment

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