[Armor Merchant]

Level 1 Merchant
Species Ent
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Coordinates 58.0, 48.2

Jifand is an Ent Armor Merchant that can be found at the Valley of Preparation, an academy located on the Elven Island. Jifand maintains the academy's supply of chain and leather armors, distributing them to new champions as dictated by the institution's Masters. In addition he stocks a supply of these types of armor to sell to interested individuals who possesses the necessary coin.

Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

Vendor Items Edit

Item Type Level Cost
Eq foot-plate050-001 Apprentice Boots Armor - Chain Feet 1 10 Gold
Eq foot-leather010-001 Apprentice Long Boots Armor - Leather Feet 1 10 Gold
Eq torso-leather010-002 Apprentice Leather Armor Armor - Leather Upper Body 1 10 Gold
Eq leg-leather010-002 Apprentice Leather Trousers Armor - Leather Lower Body 1 10 Gold
Eq leg-mail020-001 Apprentice Leg Guards Armor - Chain Lower Body 1 10 Gold
Eq torso-mail020-003 Apprentice Chainmail Armor - Chain Upper Body 1 10 Gold
Wp shield09 010 001 Shabby Wooden Shield Armor - Shield 1 10 Gold
Eq waist-leather030-003 Particle Leather Belt Armor - Leather Belt 2 18 Gold
Eq waist-mail010-001 Looped Belt Armor - Chain Belt 2 20 Gold
Eq foot-leather010-001 Deerskin Boots Armor - Leather Feet 4 71 Gold
Eq foot-mail030-002 Copper Loop Boots Armor - Chain Feet 4 79 Gold
Wp shield01 010 002 Small Buckler Armor - Shield 2 172 Gold
Eq leg-leather010-001 Breeches Armor - Leather Lower Body 3 239 Gold
Eq leg-mail010-001 Heavy loop Leg Guards Armor - Chain Lower Body 3 268 Gold
Eq torso-leather010-001 Leather Vest Armor - Leather Upper Body 5 504 Gold
Eq torso-mail010-001 Chainmail Overcloak Armor - Chain Upper Body 5 567 Gold

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