Level 1 Quests Edit

Buying Wild Berries

Capture Wild Fungi

Claim Your Potions

Claiming Armor

Claiming Weapons

Defeat the Spiders

Fungus pet

Report In

Three Fungi Brothers

Trading Ash

Trading Mountain Demon Grass

Trading Rocks

Trading Wooden Arrows

Trading Zinc Ore

Level 2 Quests Edit

Complete Preparations

Testing Your Skills

Level 3 Quests Edit

A Friend's Concern

Embedding Runes

Lively Reward

Making Winter Clothes

Need More Fungus Stems

Posting Quests

Level 4 Quests Edit

Bear Fur Gloves

Control the Wolf Population

Drinking Lake Water

Filtering Carbon Stone

Help with the Collecting

Learn Herbalism

Learn Mining

Learn Woodcutting

Love Express

Progress Update

Regular Report on Pioneers Colony

Replenishing Supplies

Level 5 Quests Edit

Annoyed Alice

Gil's New Miner

Goblin Warning

Golden Statue Auction

Golden Statue Letter

House Angel

Protect My Throat

Registering Your Transport Portal

Return of the Golden Statue

Singing Passion

Support Gyor's Task

The Magical Medicine

Thinning the Herd

Level 6 Quests Edit

A Bit Worrying

Agnes' Trouble

Gathering Spider Venom

Lost Material

Sold the Farm

Strange Request

Things That Go Bump in the Night


Level 7 Quests Edit

A Beautiful Necklace

Annoying Beetles

Assist the Mayor

Hide and Seek

Investigate the Moongorge

Newt's Liquid

Not Your Grandmother's Soup

Reduce the Cave Crab Population

Rey's Toy

Spider Venom

The Moongorge Discovery

Where are you, Peter?

Level 8 Quests Edit

A Father's Distress

A Letter from Varanas

Aymi is not food!

Bring Back the Repaired Weapons

Bringing Ore for Repairs

Delayed Supplies

Drive Off the Bats

Habits of the Kobolds

Insufficient Repair Materials

Kobold Mutation

Obtaining Strange Material

Plant Mutations

Reason Behind the Kobold Survival

Safe and Sound

Sample of Mutated Blood

Sharlin's Report

Strong Boars

Supply Status

The Lost Supplies

Weapon and Equipment Repair

Level 9 Quests Edit

Blood Sacrifice

Bloody Rune

Dead Tree Cave Samples

Destruction of the Gathering Magic

Dion and the Spear of Logar

Eliminate the Kobold Scouts

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...

Lost Company Member


Return of the Hero

Seal the Magic Stone Circle

Strength of the Seal

The Kobold Rampage

The Magic of the Barrow

Level 10 Quests Edit

A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend

Collect Boar Tusks

Lost Clues

Milaya's Origin

Patterns Everywhere

Porgy's Whereabouts

Return of the Letter

Sharp Bear Claw

Starving Wolves

Stolen Tools

The Mysterious Old Man's Special Recipe

Wanted: Lost Soul of Tifka

Wanted: Pirlanok Servant

Wanted: The Ravenous Kalod

Level 11 Quests Edit

Final Clue

Level 12 Quests Edit

A Father's Care

Level 15 Quests Edit

Retrieving the Strip of Plank Wood

Level 20 Quests Edit

Best Friends

Instrument Construction - Guitar

Instrument Construction - Lute

Instrument Construction - Rattle

Instrument Construction - Saxophone

Instrument Construction - Tambourine

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