First of all: Welcome to The Runes Of Magic wiki. You are now going to learn the first basics of page editing that are very useful for the beginning Contributor. (Or of course for the user that forgot "How to do it again".) Page editing is actually very simple. In this guide we will explain about text make-up, images, and more.

NOTE: Don't abuse this, it is only allowed to make new pages/edit a page that is related to the game, and where you are sure your information is correct. The only allowed language for now is English and any information that isn't related to the game WILL be deleted. (Sorry but I had to say this, really).

Edit a pageEdit

To Edit a page there is not much needed. If you've made a new page, or want to edit an existing one, click on the tab "Edit" at the top of the screen. You can type normally, delete text, and cut and paste in a normal fashion.

After Editing, please use the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the page before you use the SAVE button.

Create a PageEdit

To create a page you have 3 options that are described below (I suggest the first or second one, actually).

1. Use this box:

Simply type in the name of the article you wish to create and click the "Create Article" button. If the article doesn't exist, it will immediately put you into the editor.

2. Use the SEARCH box in the menu to the left. If you SEARCH for a title and there is no page, it will offer you the opportunity to create the page.

3. You can Edit a page and paste a link to the new page (We will explain how further in this guide). When you save the page, you will notice that the link is Red. You can click on it and will be redirected to the page, where you can click on the tab Edit above.

Once you have created your page, use the methods below to put in the information. One of the very best ways is to go to a similar page. If you are entering a Quest or a monster, for example, find a page for a similar one. Click EDIT on that page and Cut and Paste the contents. Then you can use that as a format for your new page. This helps keep the wiki more standardized.

Be sure to use the PREVIEW button before you SAVE your page. Thanks!

Text Make-UpEdit

Text make up is actually just like in a normal text editing program, with some code for formatting

''italic'' italic


'''''bold italic'''''

bold italic




There are two ways to generate a heading:

  1. In the editor click on the button above (The one with the big A)
  2. Paste the text you want in Headline


Heading Edit


Subheading Edit




There are 2 different types of Links: Internal and External links. Internal links will rederict you to another wiki page, while External links will rederict you to another Website.

When to linkEdit

The easiest way to learn when to link is to look at Wikipedia articles for examples. If you are trying to decide whether to make a link or not, ask yourself "If I were reading this article, would the link be useful to me?" Usually link the first, and only the first, occurrence of a word/term in the article, that does not have an implicitly understood definition.

How to linkEdit

Internal LinksEdit

When you want to make a link to another Runes of Magic Wiki page you have to put it in double square brackets, like this:
[[the word that will become a link]] = name of the page
If you want the display text of the link to have a different title, you can do so by adding the "|" divider (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on English-layout and other keyboards) followed by the alternative name. For example:
[[Target page|display text]] = display text
You can make a link to a specific section of a page like so:
[[Target page#Target section|display text]] = display text
For example:
[[Armor#name of the armor|name of the Section]] = name of the Section
If you want the display text of the link to appear in italics or bold, nest the double square brackets for the link within the multiple apostrophes that delimit the italicized or bold text, like this:
''[[Plate Piercer]]'' = Plate Piercer

External LinksEdit

External links are quite easy, you can create them by typing =

You can also click on the button at the top of an editing page.



Images can be quite complicated, but we will keep it simple. To create a simple image use the code:


For example, the image on the right was generated using:

The name of the image isn't very important, but if you want to make an image of a clown with a red nose and big feet, please call it: clownwithrednoseandbigfeet.jpg so it will be easy to see what the image behind the name will be.
After that you can align the picture where to be, you can use right, left and center (I strongly suggest right for a page, that will look the best).
At this wiki, always use it as a thumb so that it won't show the whole picture. To size the Thumb use 200px or 300px, px are pixels. This will scale the picture according to 200 or 300 pixels wide. You can try some formats and look what fits the best.
The last part is the text that needs to show up when you mouse-over the image and the text that needs to show up under the image, like a description. Make it not too long, else it on't look very nice.
I don't see a picture...Edit
To actually link a picture to it, just make a code like as show above, and then save the page.
You will see a picture box with a link like:

This is normal!
Just click on the red link, and you will be redirected to the upload page.
The name should already be filled in, just browse for the image at your computer and click upload, now the picture will be shown at the page. It will look like the picture to the right.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you make the picture options in this order, paste the description at the end and the wiki will not understand anymore if the description means that he needs to put it at the right side, or that it is the description.


Most articles will belong in a category, such as Monsters or Quests. When you decide what category your article fits in, you enter it at the end of the article this way:


Some articles have categories and sub-categories, such as:

[[Category:Quests]][[Category:Silverspring Quests]]

The category will appear below the bottom of your article, and a link to your article will be inserted on the appropriate category page. Please take the time to look at the category page and be sure it is the appropriate one.

Horizontal LineEdit

This is very easy, and will not be used very much, to make a line use


Or just click on the Button at the editing page (The button with the line on it).

Time StampEdit

This isn't of much use except at Discussion Pages, just click on the button at the editing page and you will get


Which will spit out something like:
--tolkientje 11:40, 9 August 2007 (CEST)


This was the End of the Basics Wiki Guide, if you have any questions, you can ask it at the Discussion section of this Page, which is located next to the Edit tab at the top of the page.