The origin of the Guard of Varanas is the association of steel protection group, which had been built out by Lajos Halka to become the first Guard. After Lajos left Varans together with his elite troops, the adventurers guild “Silvershadow” took over the lead of those that remained, which evolved later into what is known today as “Guard of Varanas”. Their main tasks are to protect the citizens and to uphold the order. Some time later they were under the control of the Eye of Wisdom and the Council of Varanas, which gave the leadership to the aristocratic sons and daughters of the council. Many called the guards during these times “Hellhounds of the Council”. But due to the relentless effort of the adventurers’ guild Silvershadow, they were able to slowly regain their independence. Since the guild gave away their control step by step, the Guard now enjoys total independence.

and they all...

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