Getting to Know Yourself

Level 1 Tutorial Quest
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Start Gamunhan
End Gamunhan

Quest Chain







Hello, new Elven champion. You're welcome to participate in the Valley of Preparation Academy Certification Program.

I'm a master of this academy, Gamunhan. I'm responsible for introducing newcomers to the academy. Next you should find your certification master and learn a few things that you need to know. Then, through a series of tests you will eventually obtain your champion certificate.

"Accepting Quests"
Sometime, some characters (NPCs) in the game will need the player's help. When this happens these characters will use the quest format to ask for the player's help. On the Conversation Interface, you can click the "Accept Quest" option to accept the quest.

Yellow exclamation marks will appear above these characters' heads when they have a quest for you.

- Gamunhan

Summary Edit

Talk to Master Gamunhan to get to know what you will have to be aware of to get a champion certificate.

On Completion Edit

Do you understand?

Don't be nervous. Don't be impatient. Breathe deeply. Allow me to continue introducing the academy to you.

"Inquiring About Quests"
Press the L key on the keyboard or select "Quests" in the bottom-right Functions Menu to open up the Quest Log interface. From this interface you can see a list of all quests you have accepted and the details for each quest.

- Gamunhan

Reward Edit

  • Experience: 100
  • TP: 10
  • Money: 50 Gold

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