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Fungus Garden Map

Fungus Garden is the first multiplayer instance in the game. Technically, the tutorial is considered an instance, but it is not repeatable and solo-only. Fungus Garden does not have any real level requirement because all mobs are non-aggro.
Fungus Garden can be found North East of Pioneers Colony in Howling Mountains, inside a cave in the mountains. A NPC outside gives you a daily quest you can repeat to be completed inside Fungus Garden.

The mobs found in this instance are listed below:

Name Level Aggro? Notable Loot Quest?
Wild Fungus 4-6 No Mushroom Stem

Elegant Spatha Traveler's Robe Apprentice ChainMail Saber Light Breastplate

[Card - Wild Fungus]

From NPC outside instance, capture 10 Wild Fungus with Rope. (Daily Quest)
Young Wild Fungus 4-6 No Mushroom Stem

Traveler's Coat Long Sword


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