Forsaken Abbey Instance Map

Forsaken AbbeyLevel requirement: 23+ for healers
26+ for tanks
Bosses: 5


Ghoul To spawn the first boss, you have to kill all the necro mages. First boss is easy, tank and spank. Strong attacks, but not much to worry about. As soon you killed him, the door behind him opens and you can pass to the next bosses.

Flowing Chaos:
This boss has AoE, gives a nasty debuff and fears. He only fears tank and not the whole group. The debuff does XX damage per 2 seconds and causes a slowdown effect. The AoE has light damage to.

1 of the players will receive a keyfragment, keep it, don't throw it away.

Cruel Eater:
It's the best to tank these bosses in the big room, so it's smart to clear that room properly. This boss is once again, tank and spank. Stuns now and then and has a special attack which is a triple attack.

Once again, you'll get a keyfragment.

Hollow Shell:
Hollow Shell, once again, tank it in the big room is the easiest. This boss has AoE, not alot of AoE, but good enough to let the other DPS stand back a bit. This boss spawns an add at the healer every 10%. Make sure you have someone ready to intercept those adds.

Once again, you'll get a keyfragment.

Stick the keyfragments in the door for the last boss.

Demon Witch Ancalon:
Clear the room to start with, then let the tank attack. It spawns 4 adds right away. 2 Zombies, 2 mages. The zombies have to be killed though. At 50% it does the same, and at 25% as well. The zombies attack partymembers, but the necromages heal Ancalon before attacking the party. These heals can be avoided if you kill the necromages which she spawns fast enough. If you don't do it fast enough, she'll heal. Also it heals at 50% and 25% for like 25%. It has AoE.

Have fun in the World of Taborea!

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