Level 1 Quests Edit

Getting to Know Yourself

Elven Academy

Helping Others

Level 2 Quests Edit


The Basics of Attack

The Basics of Defense

Basics of Recovery

Level 3 Quests Edit

Student Certificate

Certification Master

Jump Training

Level 4 Quests Edit

If Master Could Respond

My Honor

Pest Extermination

Equipment Repair

Rabbit Fur

Machi Yoda's Fingerprint

Machi Yoda's Handkerchief

Machi Yoda's Signed Portrait

Disheartened Rayjinth

Individual Instruction

Unification of Body and Mind

Outdoors Homework

We Can Do It

Cannot be Forgotten

Level 5 Quests Edit

Greetings of respect

First Time

We are all New Students

History Lesson

Run for It

Embedding Studies

Herb Gathering Skills

Woodcutting Skills

Mining Skills

Gaining ground

Ancient Ents

Ancient Regret

Certification Completion

About to Leave


Human Items

Receiving Packages

Airship Decorations

Officially Prepared

Level 6 Quests Edit

Gluttonous Snail Larvae

Pure Water Source

Passing on a Note

A Distraction

Brightly-Colored Shells

The Final Ingredient

Mysterious Divining Instrument

Level 7 Quests Edit

Potion Trial

Make Him Understand the Rules

Never Forget the Rules

Genius Labio Number 21

Penance for Mercy

Redeeming His Sins

Returning to Nature

Seed Purification

Gardening With Holy Earth

They Eat Anything

Doing My Job

If Skippers Don't Spread Pollen...

Setting Off Again

Water Brings Hope

Don't Tell Master Belintan

Special Elven Food

Thunderbolt Pet LI03

Trap Again

Teach Ailkiss A Lesson

Level 8 Quests Edit

Advanced Academy Certificate

Dancing With Birds

Spore Grove Resource War

Whistle Lake Habitat

Delving into the Sabinean Cave

Mushrooms Not Muttering

Terrifying Paralyzing Mushroom

Stolen Mushrooms

This is discouraging!

Inform Rodiie

Only the Mushroom King...

Level 9 Quests Edit

Troublemaker's Request

Troublemaker's Fate

Wilderness Survival Code

Campfire Materials

Crisis Management

Miserable Joke

Troubling Situation

Hidden Magic Ring

Level 10 Quests Edit

Bring Some Improved Food

Protect Burrow Cavy

Positive Contest

Kajiazan Must Die

This is no help Edit

Too Embarrassed to Hand in Homework

Roots of Living for Etiquette

Beautiful Feathers

Meaning of Life Assistance

Pay Tribute to the Lady

Trials of Valor Invitation Letter

Join the Trials!

Collecting Marks


The Final Stage

Get Your Glory

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