Elven Academy

Level 1 Tutorial Quest
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Start Gamunhan
End Blinsik

Quest Chain







The main purpose of the Elven academy is to test whether or not Elven champions have the basic abilities and life knowledge necessary to move about Candara.

So, Principal Kayfadeen named this academy "Valley of Preparation," in the hopes that every elven champion that comes to this academy will make stricter demands on themselves, like a champions that is preparing to go into battle.

Umm, next please walk along this road in front of me. After passing the central square, you'll see the administrative office to the north-west. Pay a visit to Master Blinsik, who is in charge of administrative manners, and she will make some basic requests of you.

"Player Movement"
Use the W, A, S, D keys. Or you can left-click a location to move about. When a flashing marker appears, your character can be moved.

- Gamunhan

Summary Edit

Listen to Master Gamunhan's introduction to the academy, then go to the administrative office in the north-west of the central square to visit Master Blinsik.

On Completion Edit

Look up and see the deep green trees above you...
Look down and see the jade-green grass below you...

This is a great place. If possible, I would really like to take the time to leisurely walk around the island...

Argh! Where do you new champions keep coming from...

"Camera Angle and Zoom"
Press the Q or E keys or hold the right mouse key and move the mouse around to change the camera angle.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom. Roll it forward to zoom in and roll it back to zoom out.

- Blinsik

Reward Edit

  • Experience: 100
  • TP: 10
  • Money: 50 Gold

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