The druid is an upcoming class released as a part of Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy. It is to be released along with another new class, the warden. Both classes are to be heavily based around nature.

This is information released about both the druid and the warden.

"They guard over the knowledge of the Elves and care for nature’s well-being. But the call to arms echoes through the forests of Taborea and they are the ones who are appointed to defend their people and guard the kingdom’s borders.

‘Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy’ introduces two new classes into Runes of Magic. These are the Druids and the Wardens. Both are classes of the Elven folk and their abilities are rooted in the forces of nature. Placed on their own the Druids and Wardens are excellent warriors. In the group context they use their use their abilities to support their allies and so simultaneously pit themselves against the adversary."

Here is some druid specific information

"Druids take on the function of priests in Elven society. They are the custodians of the knowledge which the Elves have gathered about the forces of nature. By means of this knowledge druids have abilities which resemble those of the mage. Among female druids, those who are most complete in their knowledge of the forces of nature rise up to join the circle of possible wives of the king. Only the queen herself can be appointed as the high priestess.

In order to apply their abilities, druids use the dormant powers within them and use these to build up ‘Nature’s Power’. They can then use this to increase the action of their abilities, or to add effects to them. The amount of ‘Nature’s Power’ that the druid builds up is dependent upon which ability they use. They also have to consider most exactly the sequence in which they use their abilities in order to achieve the best possible effects.

In the use of their power, the druids can choose whether or not they wish to concentrate on supporting and healing their allies, or on directing the devastating force of nature at their enemy. And so in the course of their life-long education, they decide whether they wish to dedicate their powers more strongly toward healing and supportive functions, or more towards the destructive. Whereas the healing powers of the druids often achieve rapid effects, the damage that they can cause works over a longer period. As in nature the druid’s power unfolds slowly but enduringly."

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