Quest Giver: Gino

Quest Receiever: Gino

Zone Silverspring

Location 59.2, 37.0 Tagena

Quest LogEdit

Quest Summary:

Use the rune given to you by Gino near the relic guardian in the Oblivion Shrine in Tagena, and then bring the Sheepskin Parchment Covered in Writing back to Gino.

Quest Content:

Oh?! This is amazing. Did you say there are ancient relics there? And huge guardians too? Wonderful! Tis discovery is even more incredible than that of the Oblivion Shrine itself! I will be famous in the annals of archaeology! Well... If that is the case, it is finally time to use this Expensive Rune! But you'd better be careful! I spent all my money to get this rune!

There is a piece of Blank Sheepskin Parchment here. When you get near a guardian, use this Expensive Rune on the Blank Sheepskin Parchment and then bring the Sheepskin Parchment Covered in Writing back to me.


Experience: 1101

TP: 110

Money: 1717

Items: Rune Necklace of the Deceiver


Stand directly underneath Giant Guardian when activating the Expensive Rune.

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