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Pioners Colony




Harf Trading Post

Obsidian Stronghold Scorpion (lvl 40)

  • 15 Scorpion Tail Spines
    • Turn in to: Albion

24998 XP 1519 gold

Ancient Magical Medicine (lvl 40)

  • 15 Ancient Iguana Tails
    • Turn in to: Yorkie

24998 XP 1519 gold

Never to Late to Mend (lvl 40)

  • 15 Stored Ore Crystals
    • Turn in to: Borst, at the Big Dig.

30579 XP 1771 gold

Highly Efficient Investment (lvl 40)

  • Elementally Charged Scales
    • Turn in to: Mark

30579 XP 1771 gold

Heat-Powered Battle Drug (lvl 40)

  • 15 Blood of Constant Change
    • Turn in to: Ringard Narse of Obsidian Stronghold

28695 XP 1626 gold

Lack of Fuel (lvl 40)

  • 25 Vally Rock Scorpion Armor
    • Turn in to: Larsus of Obsidian Stronghold

28695 XP 1626 gold

Smuggling Businessman (lvl 40)

  • 15 Harpy Claws
    • Turn in to: Conley

38815 1996

Protecting Fun (lvl 40)

    • Turn in to:

Cactus Fruit (lvl 40)

    • Turn in to:

Cactus Flower (lvl 40)

    • Turn in to:

Cactus Thorn (lvl 40)

    • Turn in to:

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