This wikia page is being designed to target players new to Runes of Magic, or players' who are creating their first Guild. Anyone is welcome to view this page though, and hopefully it will provide everyone with some useful information.

I am currently leveling my own Guild, so if it seems that this page is progressing slowly, don't worry, I am hard at work learning as I go, and posting what I learn along the way. Some of the content is out of date, and I am working on updating it. If something is posted incorrectly, leave me a message and I will correct it. When I first created this page, there was no other information available on Guild creation. I have noticed a few things that have changed since then (like Guild level requirements for Castle construction, and Champion Cores) some of which have been updated. The rest is coming soon!

Thanks to those who have submitted updates!

*If you found this at all helpful, please leave a message on the talk page. I would like to know that all of this work has done some good*

  • In 2008, there was little to no information anywhere about Runes of Magic guilds. There was basic information in the forums, and even less information in the player's guide. I originally started this with the first Guild I created in 2008, but after a 1 year break from the game, came back to a new server and started over again. Since then, I have expanded on the information in this wiki. Please keep in mind, I am the only member of my Guild; well, aside from my friend who pops in occasionally. I have done this on my own, from the creation of the Guild, to leveling it, to constructing a Castle; so the information and opinions I have here are from my perspective. Others may have had (or may have) an entirely different experience, but I will try to keep things as accurate as I can. When I discover that some former information I have posted is incorrect, I do edit that information. Occasionally, things in the game change, and I try to update that information as well.

Starting a Guild:Edit

Minimum Character Level: 10

Gold Amount: 100,000

To start your Guild, you have to travel North to Varanas. Right outside of the entrance to the city (you know, the wide white bridge) is a teleporter named Lieve. She will take you inside of the city, to about 7 different places. The Guild Hall is where you are going to go however. Bring your 100,000 gold and talk to the Guild Establishment Administrator. When you talk to him, you will be asked if you want to pay 100,000 gold to start a Guild. Once you click yes, a text box will pop up, where you will enter the name for your future Guild. Keep in mind, the text field will not allow special characters (to include the use of the space bar), or capital letters aside from the first letter. If you get a message about syntax errors, this means someone else has used your desired Guild name. It might save you time if you check the existing Guilds on your server; this can be done by clicking on the "Guild Bulletin Boards" hanging on the wall in the Guild hall. Once the Guild name has been correctly entered (ie. you receive no error messages) you will see a dialogue box informing you that you are now petitioning to form a Guild, as well as your Guild name under your character's name.

  • What? I don't have my Guild yet???

No, you are petitioning to form your Guild; that was the easy part - or the hard part, depending on your situation really. If you are doing this solo, it probably took some time to get the gold saved up; if you pooled gold with other players, you will probably have an easy time with the rest. If you are starting this process on your own, the only thing left to do is find 4 people to join your Guild. Keep in mind, new Guilds have a harder time recruiting members, so be patient, it will eventually happen. It took me about 45 minutes to get 4 members during the morning hours (US Mountain time zone); this may be the case for you too so don't give up. Once you have your four additional members, head back to the Guild Establishment Administrator, and complete the application. Taa Daaa! Your Guild's name just popped up on the screen in bold red letters, and popped up in chat for all to see!


Guild Established

Now, you may want to get right to work creating your Guild Flag.....but before you do lets talk about something; Leveling your Guild. Creating a Guild Flag will cost you 30,000 Gold. If you are just starting out, it probably took you a while to get to the 100,000 to found your Guild; and an extra 30,000 might not be readily available. In the scheme of things, the Guild Flag can probably wait until you are more financially stable; that is, if you are planning to level your Guild. Leveling your Guild opens up new benefits as well, such as an increase in the number of members you are able to have, the ability to enter into Siege Wars, and the construction of your Guild Castle. Having a Castle opens up even more benefits, like buildings that will provide your Guild members with buffs, a place to level up your gathering skills, and collect resources, your Guild bank and a lot more. Believe me, it isn't just going to happen. If you want a Guild Castle, you are going to work for it!

Leveling your Guild:Edit

Leveling your Guild takes gold and resources. By resources, I mean ore, herbs, and wood. As I am the only member in my Guild, I can honestly say that if you are the main source of resources for your Guild, you have a hard job to do; it doesn't leave you much time to work on your quests and leveling. So far, I have discovered the following about resources (I will edit when I find new information):


Resource Values
Resource Name Value Stack
Location Resource Name Value Stack
AshWood Ash Wood 1 100 Howling Mountains

Sascilia Steeps

Coast of Opportunity
OakWood Oak Wood 4 400 Aslan Valley
MountainDemonGrass Mountain
Demon Grass
1 100 Howling Mountains

Sascilia Steeps

Coast of Opportunity
Moxa Moxa 4 400 Aslan Valley
ZincOre Zinc Ore 1 100 Howling Mountains

Sascilia Steeps

Coast of Opportunity
CopperOre Copper Ore 4 400 Aslan Valley
WillowWood Willow Wood 2 200 Howling Mountains


Sascilia Steeps
PineWood Pine Wood 5 500 Dragonfang Ridge
Beetroot Beetroot 2 200 Howling Mountains


Sascilia Steeps
DuskOrchid Dusk Orchid 5 500 Dragonfang Ridge
TinOre Tin Ore 2 200 Howling Mountains


Sascilia Steeps
DarkCrystal Dark Crystal 5 500 Dragonfang Ridge
MapleWood Maple Wood 3 300 Silverspring
Aslan Valley
HollyWoodWood Holly Wood 6 600 Dragonfang Ridge
Bitterleaf Bitterleaf 3 300 Silverspring
Aslan Valley
Barsaleaf Barsaleaf 6 600 Dragonfang Ridge
IronOre Iron Ore 3 300 Silverspring
Aslan Valley
SilverOre Silver Ore 6 600 Dragonfang Ridge

Rare ResourcesEdit

The following is a list of "Rare" resources found scattered across the maps:

Rare Resource Chart

Point Values of ResourcesEdit

When you are adding resources to your Guild supply, something you should know is the different point value each item will give. When I first started working on my Guild, back in 2009, I spent countless hours farming ore, herbs, and wood, and adding them to the Guild Contributions (Resource Manager as I call it). This was taking a very long time after I got the Guild to level 3. By then, I was up to using Maple Wood, Iron Ore, and Bitterleaf Herbs; but I had a few refined Zinc Ore left in my bags from some crafting I had done. I needed the room, so I dropped them into the Resource Manager. To my surprise, the refined Ore gave me 3 times the points of regular ore! So I gathered another two stacks of Zinc Ore, refined them to get a full stack, and dropped them in. The refined ore gave me 300 points. One stack of just gathered Zinc Ore was only worth 100 points. From that point on, I decided I was going to refine the materials I was gathering to get the extra points out of them.

Not too long ago, I wanted to see if I could get more points from refining the materials even higher, so I took some extra Maple Timber I had, and made one Maple Lumber; I was disapointed to find that the refined Lumber wasn't as promising as the Timber had been. The image below represents a comparison of refined material and their point values:


Resource Comparison

As you can see, Ash Timber yields 3 points - it takes 2 Ash Wood to make 1 Ash Timber, so the new value is worth the refining. But as you refine higher, notice that the value drops.

  • Are you stupid? Ash Lumber is worth 9 points!!!!!

No, I am not stupid....lets break it down.....

From the examples above:

1 Ash Plank = 6 Ash Lumber = 24 Ash Timber = 48 Ash Wood

It takes 48 Ash wood to create 1 (one) Ash Plank. Below is a description of the point values lost in upgrading your resources beyond Bundle / Sand / Timber.

2 Ash Wood = 1 Ash Timber = 3 Points

4 Ash Timber = 1 Ash Lumber = 9 points

From the above information we can determine:

 4 Ash Timber = 12 points; 1 Ash Lumber = 4 Ash Timber for 9 points.

So here, we are already losing 4 points by upgrading Timber to Lumber....lets continue....

6 Ash Lumber = 1 Ash Plank = 36 points

 6 Ash Lumber = 54 points and is 24 Ash Timber; 24 Ash Timber = 72 points.

So the breakdown now looks like this:

 1 Ash Plank = 36 points and uses 24 Ash Timber; 24 Ash Timber = 72 points.

From my perspective, the time spent gathering 48 Ash Wood is more worth 72 points than it is worth 36. Refining past the "green" level (bundle, timber, sand) is not worth the lower point values when you see it from this perspective.

You may be asking yourself, 'What do I care what points something is worth?'

You can choose to care or not, that is up to you. The points basically mean that for every 1 of the item you use, that amount of points is added to the amount contributed. As you get your Guild higher in level, this could become important to you. Knowing the "point" values can help you in deciding what to gather (it took me 2 days to gather the resources to get to level 5...using 4 and 5 point resources). If you are not concerned about leveling quickly, stick to the 1 point items. If you are anxious to finish leveling your Guild so you can focus on other things (your toon, skills, etc...) then go after the higher point items; higher points = faster leveling; and also harder mobs. If you are too low for a particular area, you will find it difficult to collect the resources you are after (I did more evading and running trying to get the 5 point stuff, so eventually I just went back to the 4 point stuff).

As I mentioned above, leveling Guilds takes gold and resources; which can translate into time and effort. Time being the gathering time, effort being the gold collection; either from NPC'ing items (eventually this will take a lot of items), saving gold from quests, or playing the Auction House. One of the biggest gold gaining items I have found so far in the Auction House is resources. Stacks of 100 (when I mention "stack" it means 100 of an item...unless I specify otherwise.) Mountain Demon Grass can sell for as much as 22,000 gold. Of course, selling off resources while trying to level your Guild will be a little counter-productive, but if thats the only way to get the gold you need, you will have to settle for it.

  • Okay, we know we have to level our Guild, but how?

Good question. Press your "G" button; the Guild Management console will come up. Along the top of the console, there will be a button labeled "Resources", which is to the right of the "War Info" button. Push that, a second box comes open. On this box there are 3 tabs; Guild Functions, Guild Contributions, and Contribution Log (at least thats what shows on the Guild Leader console). The tab you want is "Guild Contributions" (I labeled it "Resource Manager" in the image below, sorry!). In this tab, you will see 6 boxes, and bars with the labels Gold, Ore, Herbs, and Wood. The amount you have and the amount you need are in the bar next to the labels. Bars in yellow need more; bars in red are full.

To add resources to the Guild, simply drag them from your inventory and place them into one of the 6 boxes; no, it does not matter which one. You can fill the boxes up with herbs, wood and ore; it will be added to its respective locations. To add gold, click into the text field next to the gold image and type in how much you wish to contribute.


Resource Manager

  • Oh No! The Gold bar is red, and I put more in that I was supposed to!!

Don't worry, once you level your Guild, the excess resources and gold will carry over into the next level. Something you should remember when adding resources to your Guild supply; once you hit "Confirm" you cannot get those items back. All of the resources, gold, Guild Runes, and Rubies you have added will permanently be part of the Guild supply. Make sure you are ready to add those resources to the Guild supply before you hit confirm.

  • What do the Guild Rubies, Magical Essence and Champion's Core do? And actually...what are they?

Guild Rubies:Edit

Guild Rubies are same as normal Rubies which you gain when you buy items from item shop with Diamonds. So if you donate Rubies to the guild they count as Guild Rubies. The Guild will need Rubies later on (after the Castle is constructed) to use for some of the things you can construct. More information on this will be found in section 4 below.

Magical Essence:Edit

Guildrune Have you ever looted something called a Guild Rune? I have found a lot of them. I have never really known what they were for, but for obvious reasons I have always associated them with "Guilds". When you drop those into the Guild Contibution console, Guild Runes become Magical Essence. From what I have noticed, some of the things you can construct within your Castle will require the use of "guild contribution", such as the "Guild Throne". It required 5000 guild contribution (5000 Guild Runes) to make your Throne. More information on this can be found in section 4.

Guild Stones:Edit

*Formerly Champions Core*


Guild Stone

So far, I have been able to determine that the Guild Stone drops from dungeon bosses. With little to no information (still) on the internet to tell us exactly what they are and where they come from (aside from the one I just got from a boss drop in the Windmill Basement) it will take me even more time to fully update the information here. But at least for now, I have been able to confirm that they are not (or not only) PvP related items.

Resource Leveling Costs:Edit

Guilds naturally start at level 1, just as we do when we start a new toon. Guilds take longer to level however. Below is a table with the costs per level in resources and gold. I will update as I level my Guild. Once you reach Guild level 4, you can join the Siege battles. For those of you planning a PvP based Guild, reaching level 4 is going to matter to you if you plan on fighting other Guilds during the Siege.

Leveling Costs
Guild Level Herbs Ore Wood Gold
2 720 720 720 18000
3 1783 1783 1783 35820
4 3708 3708 3708 63263
5 (Castle) 7191 7191 7191 105525
6 13495 13495 13495 170608
7 24906 24906 24906 270836
8 pend pend pend pend

Once you get your Guild to level 5, you are able to construct a Guild Castle. The construction costs are 15,000 of ore, herb, and wood, and 360,000 gold. So, I am sorry to say, you will still have a long way to go to get your Castle....but at least the option is now available to you!

I am sure I do not have to say this, but I will just in case. Guild level 6 is NOT the same thing as collecting the 15,000 resources for building your Castle. DO NOT RAISE YOUR GUILD LEVEL IF YOU PLAN ON BUILDING YOUR CASTLE. The bars will all be red as you are adding your required resources to the Guild supply, but if you level your Guild, you will have to start all over again with gathering the Castle construction materials.

Guild InformationEdit

After you have established your Guild, and decided what you are going to do with your Guild, there are a few other features available to you in the Guild Hall in the administration district that you can access. As I have mentioned above, we are able to construct Guild Castles (with a heck of a lot of effort and monetary investment!) but that isn't all that we can do. Within the Guild Hall, there are three npc's aside from the Guild Creation agent.

Guild BoardEdit

This npc will show you a list of all current Guilds on your server. After you establish your Guild, it will show up on this list. Depending on the settings you apply from your Guild Management console, potential Guild members can access information about your Guild here.


Guild List


Leader Functions

The information displayed to other players on your Guild Board listing can be edited from your Guild Management console.

First, select "Leader Functions".


Guild Board Editor

Second, select "Guild Board".


Guild Board Editor

The Guild Board Editor pane will open, where you can manage the settings for your Guild, such as Recruitment Status, assign whether or not your Guild Castle (if applicable) is available for public visits, and add a Guild Description (like "This is a Hardcore PvP Guild!" or "This is a Casual Leveling Guild" etc.).



Remember, after making changes to any setting that you want to keep, click on the "confirm" button, or all of the changes you have just made (including editing the Guild description) will not be saved and will reset to default settings.

Guild FlagEdit

As I mentioned earlier, one of the features you have once you form your Guild is a "Guild Flag". To create a Guild flag, you talk to the Guild Flag npc in the Guild Hall. The cost for creation of a Guild flag is 30,000 gold. There are more combinations that I have been able to count, with different image and color combinations.


Guild Flag Creator

*While I have not yet established my Castle, I believe that your flag is displayed within the Castle. I will update after I complete my Castle.*

Completing Your CastleEdit

When you finally have the required resources and gold contributed to your Guild (and Guild level 5), head off to the "Guild Castle Manager" located in the Guild Hall in Varanas. When you talk to him, you will want to select the option "Apply to Construct a Castle". After you tell him yes you are sure you want to build a castle, a system message will tell everyone logged in that your Guild has successfully constructed a Guild Castle!

Now, rush on into your Castle!

* do we get there....?

I assume you have been to Varanas, yes? Then you have probably been to visit the House maids in lower East and lower West Varanas. Next to those NPC's is another NPC, called the "Guild Castle Manager". If you speak to this guy, one of the options listed will be "I want to enter the Guild Castle". Aside from that NPC, you can talk to the Guild Castle Manager in the GUild Hall in the Administration District to enter the Guild Castle, or, if you have them, you can simply use a "Guild Transport Rune". Those handy little runes will port you into the Guild Castle (much like a Home Sweet Home rune sends you to your house) and when you have finished conducting your business (getting buffs, depositing items in the Guild bank, etc.) you will be back in the location you teleported from upon leaving the Guild Castle.

I have to say, I rather like the Castle as it is; but what would a Castle be without a bunch of fun things to build? The basic Castle includes a one tab Guild bank at the back of the main room (on the first floor) which is located next to your very own Guild Castle Housekeeper!

Much like your personal house, the Guild Castle has a box at the upper left side of the UI that provides you with options like furniture placement, and building construction. Just as it took resources to construct your Castle, building the many addons you can will require gold and resources. But, some of the items you can build are not available at certain levels. "Guild Mailbox" for example is only available for a level 9 Guild! As is the Guild Quest Board (more on that when I finally build mine).

Castle BuildingsEdit

Lets start with the building types avalable to you at level 5. The first building I would suggest that you build, is the Academy; a lot of the other buildings require that you have an Academy before they can be constructed. What function does the Academy have? ...well...none really. It just sits where you place it. But, as I stated above, it is required for other buildings with actual functions.

  • Please note: just as you had to supply materials to construct your Castle, you will also need to supply them to build the various buildings inside the Castle, as well as upgrade those buildings.*

The next building I constructed was the Stables; at level 1, the 2% speed buff doesn't seem like much until you are riding along side another player.

Following the Stables, I went ahead and built my Forge.....sadly, it wasn't what I had thought it was. Surprisingly, however, I found out that it did provide me with a nice "AFK" farming area. Once constructed, you can click on the Forge, and you will be issued 99 tools. Those tools are consumed at the Forge. To use them, click on the Forge again. The process is slow, and the only benefit you get from it is "Unknown Ore". It takes about 2 or so minutes to complete one cycle of "Working"....but, as I said, the work you are doing...while doing real life stuff (like mowing the lawn perhaps...?) does not go without rewards. When you get back from your "AFKness" you will have those Unknown Ore in your bag. Right click them, and you will receive ores of different types. At a Forge level 1, I half expected to only get Zinc or Tin ore; I had an Iron ore drop into my bag when I clicked the test one I made.

Remember where I mentioned above that it wasn't what I had thought? When I first saw the Forge on the list, I thought I was going to have a place to smelt and craft inside of the Castle. If you were hoping for the same thing, let me just say that so far I have not come across a way to do it. But, keep this in mind before you decide not to build a Forge; just like the Academy, a Forge is required for certain other Buildings (I believe an Arsenal is one of them).


Work area inside my Castle.

This image shows a few of the buildings that I have constructed inside my Castle so far. I put the "AFK" farming buildings in the same area so that I wouldn't have to run all over the castle to use them.

Space within your Castle is limited, so it might be a good idea to decide what the over-all goal is for your Castle before you begin placing buildings. For example: if you plan to participate in Castle Sieges, you will probably want to work on Castle defences; such as defence towers. To construct defence towers, you will need to have an Arsenal; to have an Arsenal, you will need to have a Forge, etc. Certain buff towers will also require an Arsenal, such as the Defencive buff tower.

Buildings available at level 5 are:
Drill Field
Processing Plant

Depending on the buildings you construct, certain towers will or will not be available (more to follow).

When building your Castle buildings, keep in mind that they require plots to be placed before they can be constructed. Small plots have 2 or 3 spaces that can be built on; large plots have only 1. Most buildings will require a large plot, but the towers and crafting buildings (forge, farm, lumberyard) require small plots. For the most part, small plots are all the same, aside from building site orientation. Make sure you have the right small plot when you are building; if you had planned on placing 3 towers on a small plot, and accidentally select to place a 2 space plot, you will have to demolish the small plot and start over.

Whats Next?Edit

Once you have built your Castle, decided on building placement, maybe tried a few Guild Wars....what then? Having a Castle is great! You have access to mini games, AFK farming, Guild only buffs....the next thing you should focus on, is leveling your Guild again. Now, trust me, I know. After working as long and hard as you have, or spending all of your gold on the resources to build the Castle and the buildings you decided on, the last thing you want to hear is "Level your Guild".


Lets say that you would like to have access to the Guild quest board; you need to be level 9 to build one, as well as building the Guild Mailbox. Building upgrades require the Castle to be leveled (checking on this for accuracy); which requires the Guild to be leveled. So I am sad to say, your work is far from done if you want to provide better buff towers and such for your Guild members.

But how do you know what needs to be leveled in order to get the desired results?

*More to follow*

Zanderlane - Finally have my Castle constructed! 01:44, December 11, 2011 (UTC)

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