Certification Master

Level 3 Tutorial Quest
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Start Magalan
End Womukray

Quest Chain




  • [3] Certification Master




Once again, I don't know where Principal Kayfadeen is lazing about... distributing new students is his work. I'm just filling in for him... how did this become my routine job!?

Oh... based on your student emblem and the masters' situations, your certification master should be Womukray. He should be on the bank of the lake in the south-west of the academy. Go see him when you're ready.

Full Backpack
All items you acquire in the game will automatically enter your backpack unless your backpack is already full. When it's full you will see a massage appear above it. At that time you should organize your items. You can only collect new items when you have space.

Something else you must know is that if you receive a reward item after completing a quest and the number of reward items exceeds the space left in your backpack, you will not be able to complete the quest!

- Magalan

Summary Edit

According to the placement made by the academy's secretary, Magalan, go to the bank of the lake in the south-west of the academy to visit your certification master, Womukray.

On Completion Edit

Another new student?

Does Magalan really think I have that much spare time on my hands?... I guess it's just that I do the certificate training faster than the other masters...

- Womukray

Reward Edit

  • Experience: 160
  • TP: 16
  • Money: 120 Gold

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