Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drops
Anguished Ent common 1 Elven Island
Anglie approx. 10 Minute Spawn


The Barrow
Bear common 8-9 The Barrow Sharp Bear Claw
Recipe: Enchanced Mercenaries Glaive
Beetle common 5-6 Howling Mountains Disenchant
Boar common 7-8 Howling Mountains Boar Tusk
Bubsitan uncommon, Long Spawn 7
Howling Mountains Chest Key
Cave Crab common 4-5 Hidden Valley Mines
Dark Bat common 8 The Dead Tree Cave
Dead Tree Demon Spider common 6 The Dead Tree Cave
Fungus common 1 Howling Mountains Purify Rune
Mushroom Stem
Wild Thorn Long Staff
Recipe - Enhanced Coarse Cloth Coat
Pioneer Trousers
Gluttonous Snail common 1-2 Elven Island
Goblin Miner common Howling Mountains
Goblin Patrolman common Howling Mountains
Kobold Miner common Howling Mountains
Kobold Raider common Howling Mountains
Kobold Scout common 7 Fogur Marsh, Howling Mountains Broken Tool
Kobold Supply Officer common Howling Mountains
Lost Soul of Tifka Uncommon, Long spawn 9 Boss The Barren Caves
Newt common 5 Moongorge
Pirlanok Servant uncommon, long spawn 8 Boss The Barren Caves
Rainbow Skipper
Ravenous Kalod uncommon, long spawn Howling Mountains
Redeye Night Bear Only appears for quest Blood Sacrifice 10 Elite Howling Mountains Demon Blood (quest item)
Red-pincer Cave Crab common Howling Mountains
Sick Ent common
Shadow Newt common Howling Mountains
White Cave Rabbit common
Wild Fungus common 4-6 Fungus Garden Mushroom Stem
Elegant Spatha
Traveler's Robe
Apprentice ChainMail
Light Breastplate
Wild Spider common Howling Mountains Wild Spider Venom
Wilt-leaf Bat common Howling Mountains
Wolf common 8-10 Howling Mountains
Wolf Cub common Howling Mountains
Young Bear common Howling Mountains
Young Newt common
Young Wild Fungus common 4-6 Fungus Garden Mushroom Stem
Traveler's Coat
Long Sword
Young Wolf common Howling Mountains

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