Basics of Recovery

Level 2 Tutorial Quest
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Start Blinsik
End Watimod

Quest Chain







Bottles of potion are stored in the cabinets of the potions store.

Please walk along the path in front of me towards the north-east of the central square and you will find the supplies merchant, Watimod. He is an extremely serious human that always has an optimistic smile. He'll provide with whatever potion you're shorton.

"Recovery I"
When your HP or Mana are low, as long as you're playing the game your HP and Mana will slowly recover. Of course, you can also use special skills or items to quickly restore HP and Mana.

- Blinsik

Summary Edit

According to Master Blinsik's instructions, go towards the north-east of the academy's central square to obtain potions from the supplies merchant, Watimod.

On Completion Edit

Red potion, blue potion, lots and lots of potions...

Hahaha, this is how you can save your life. Also, you can drink it if you are thirsty ~

Oh yes, if you have everything that Master Blinsik wanted you to get, go back and see her!

"Recovery II"
When battling with monsters you can only use potions or a special skill to restore HP. So before entering an area with monsters you had best stock up on potions by asking the village potions merchant in order to avoid letting your character die.

- Watimod

Reward Edit

  • Experience: 125
  • TP: 12
  • Money: 100 Gold
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Item potion 010 001 Basic Medicine x10
Item potion 020 002 Basic Spirit Potion x10

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