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Background Edit

Originally the Barren Caves were a breeding ground for demons in the Howling Mountains. After the demons' annihilation, the caves were abandoned and are considered to be cursed. Recently, it has become active again due to the demon Aeglin. Normal people avoid them at all costs. But lately a group of nearby Kobolds started to move and claimed ownership of this place.

Nobody knows why they began to act all of a sudden, but some suspect that they are looking for left-behind treasures and magical objects, which were hidden by the demons – a valid assumption considering their habits.

Level/location Edit

Level 10+ is recommended with a tank and healer to take down the boss named Anglo.

The Barren Caves is inside the cave just on the north-western edge of the Howling Mountains.

NPCs Edit

Anglo - Boss
Cave Sand Bug
Kobold Expert Digger
Kobold Genius
Kobold Guardian
Kobold Shade Walker
Cave Rock Scorpion

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