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                                                                                                                           List order based on low level to high level Edit

Name Level Type PhysDef MageDef Runes Drops From Set Note
Leather Armor (Gift from Logar) 8 Leather 55 61 N Upper Body (Bound)
Merchant's Leather Jacket 8 Leather 67 75 N Upper Body (Bound)
Mila's Hot Tempered Shoulder Pads 9 Cloth 8 11 Quest Reward N Shoulders
Prankster Shoulder Guards 9 Leather 67 75 Quest Reward N Shoulder
Trickster Shoulder Guards 9 Chain 9 10 Shoulder
Boots of the Wasteland 16 Cloth 17 24


Zurhidon Disciple N Feet
Spy's Reasoning Gloves (Top Secret Records) 21 Cloth 27 38 Intellect II (+4 Int) Quest Reward Y Hands (Binds when equipped)
Obscure Knowledge Shoulder Guards (Top Secret Records) 21 Cloth 21 29 Intellect III (+6 Int), Barrier III (+9 MDef) Quest Reward Y Shoulder (Binds when equipped)
Broken Needle Shoulder Armour (Iron Coffin) 21 Chain 26 23 Endurance III Forsaken Abbey Y Shoulder (Binds when equipped)
Dreamland Traveler's Soft Boots (Top Secret Records) 22 Cloth 23 33 Stamina II (+4 Sta) Quest Reward Y Feet (Binds when equipped)
Dark Sage Trousers (Top Secret Records) 22 Cloth 86 123 Spirit III (+6 Wis), Magic III (+25 Max MP) Quest Reward Y Lower Body (Binds when equipped)
Bloody Earl Jacket (Top Secret Records) 23 Cloth 180 257 Energy III (+9 Matk), Intellect III (+6 Int) Quest Reward Y Upper Body (Binds when equipped)
Bloody Shadow Overcoat(Top Secret Records) 23 Leather 205 231 Might III (+9 Patk), Strength III (+6 Str) Quest Reward Y Upper Body (Binds when equipped)
Bloody Murder Chainmail (Top Secret Records) 23 Chain 231 205 Stamina III (+6 Sta), Might III (+9 Patk) Quest Reward Y Upper Body (Binds when equipped)
Bloodrust Leg Guards (Iron Coffin) 23 Chain 116 103 Endurance III Forsaken Abbey Y Lower body (Binds when equipped)
Satin Cloak 39 Cloth 35 50 N Cape
Thorn-resistant Shoulder Guards 40 Cloth 39 55 N Shoulder (Binds when equipped)
Advisor's Gloves 41 Cloth 56 80 N Hands
Dust Devil Shoulder Guards 46 Chain 60 54 N Shoulder (Binds when equipped)
Belt of Corruption 46 Cloth 35 47 Waist
Gem Belt 47 Chain 44 39 N Waist
Splendid Corset 47 Cloth 37 49 Waist
Dreamer's Trousers 49 Cloth 206 295 N Lower Body (Binds when equipped)

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