Gets the mana type of the primary class of a given unit.


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

string - A UnitId (e.g. "player", "target", "party1", "raid1", etc..)

Returns Edit

number - numerical value mapped as follows:
Mana Type ID Index Class(es)
"Mana" 1 Mage, Priest, Knight
"Rage" 2 Warrior
"Concentration" 3 Scout
"Energy" 4 Rogue
If the specified unit doesn't exist, then UnitManaType returns 1 rather than nil.

Example Edit

-- Display the manatype of your target:
g_index = {"Mana", "Rage", "Concentration", "Energy"}
g_charInfo = g_index[UnitManaType("target")]

Notes Edit

Related Functions Edit

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