Verifies the item inventory (= Bag) for the number of occupied bag item slots.

local occupiedSlots, totalSlots = GetBagCount()

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

nil - No input required.

Returns Edit

number - The number of bag item slots that currently are occupied by an item.
number - The total number of bag item slots available in the bag.

Example Edit

function BackPackState()
   local used, total = GetBagCount();
   if ( (total - used) ~= 0 ) then
	return true;
	return false;
if ( BackPackState() ) then
 // Loot All

Notes Edit

  • activatedBagPages = totalSlots / 30
  • freeSlots = totalSlots - occupiedSlots
  • The bag is filled with items from the inbox or from loot via the bag queue. Make sure the bag queue is not overloaded. It seems it can hold up to 20 items. If you grab more items, the elder entries in the queue will get lost! You may want to check the event Event:BAG_ITEM_UPDATE or Event:PLAYER_BAG_CHANGED.

Related Functions Edit

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