Gets information about a mail item in the inbox.


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

void - nothing? The RoM API seems to be prepared for sending multiple items per mail. Thus this function might take a parameter.

Returns Edit

void - A method without any return values.

Example Edit

-- Takes an item from the bag and places it into the mail to be send.

Notes Edit

  • One should check if an item is bound before trying to place it into a mail.
    • Addon Ultimate Mail Mod uses tooltip parsing to check for bound items;
    • Library Sol also parses the item tooltip to provide a bound state;
    • Addon ItemPreview indeed figured out that the bound state can be retrieved from the item link. Check out the description in the source of the addon for details;
  • You may check via GetSendMailItem if placing the item was successful;
    • Addon SendRunes uses this kind of check.

Related Functions Edit

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